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CALICO aims to support design and validation of component-based assemblies.
It enables software architects to design their architecture and to analyze it accordingly to the constraints defined by architects or specific to the component platform (such as FraSCAti, Fractal, OpenCCM or OpenCom).
CALICO can automatically instantiate the running system from its specification.

CALICO is generic, it supports different platforms, such as FraSCAti, Fractal, OpenCCM and OpenCom, and different kinds of constraint, such as structural constraints expressed with OCL.

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Supported Tasks

  • Design of component-based architecture
  • Static analysis to identify incompatibilities between component interactions.
  • Code generation
  • Deployment (remote deployment available on FraSCAti)
  • Incremental development and Dynamic reconfiguration (a model change is identified automatically and can be deployed without stopping the application execution)

Supported Platforms

Supported Static Analysis

Supported Sensor Frameworks

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